Writing Assighment 1A Hist US Since 1877

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Hist US Since 1877 A Module 1: Post Civil War America le Discussion #3 (Graded) May 16, 2023 1100 pts Ch. 20: The Rise of an Urban Order (1870 – 1900) Ch. 20: The Rise of an Urban Order (1870 11 – 1900) Chapter 20: READing Activity (For Enrichment, Not Graded) D Ch 20 Enrichment …

The annexation of Texas

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The annexation of Texas as a state into the United States in 1845 had far-reaching social, economic, and political consequences for the state and the country as a whole. The act of annexation was a culmination of years of political maneuvering and territorial expansion, but it was also a critical moment in the ongoing struggle …

Romeo and Juliet History

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Romeo and Juliet History Romeo and Juliet is a famous tragedy written by William Shakespeare in the late 16th century. The play tells the story of two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who come from rival families, the Montagues and the Capulets. Despite the enmity between their families, Romeo and Juliet fall in love and …

De Soto should be remembered historically

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Some critics argue that De Soto should be remembered historically as a cruel Spanish conqueror, who plundered and killed wherever he went. Some other critics, however, say that De Soto was a tragic figure. That that he started out as a sailor and adventurer who was then tutored by previous captains, and even by the …

Emerging trends and issues affecting global society

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Discuss the emerging trends and issues affecting global society in the 21st century. Base your discussion on the themes and concepts from the readings and lectures. 500 or more words

Black Kettle

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I need a very good essay about Black Kettle, the prominent leader of the Southern Cheyenne during the American Indian war. The essay needs to be about his life. such as, Who is Black Kettle? his nationality? When and where was he born the place and the dates where he grew up, his wife, and …

Negative Impact of Jim Crow on African Americans

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Topic: Negative Impact of Jim Crow on African Americans in the 20th Century You will use at least three scholarly sources (books, e-books, peer-reviewed journal articles ONLY). Introduction Include: context (when and where are you talking about; what’s going on as background) Include: thesis statement (what you are asserting) Include: Statement of Facts What will …

History Essay writer Service

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Types of History Historians have traditionally depended on historical events and sources such as monuments and photographs to gain knowledge and gain a better understanding of the current world. They critically evaluate and analyze history by going deeply into certain regions for accurate and refined information. All of the discoveries are then merged to provide …

Considering the anti-slavery/abolition movement

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Considering the anti-slavery/abolition movement and the importance of slavery in the pre-Civil War period, evaluate: the impact of the movement and the impact of slavery 1830-1860 Use material from Give Me Liberty, Voices, and module topic pages. Foner, Eric, Give Me Liberty!, Vol. 1, 6th ed., W.W. Norton: get EITHER the full edition Vol. 1 …

North America between 1660 and 1720

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Module 4 You have now read in Chapter 4 about the English/British colonization of North America between 1660 and 1720. There were several distinct regions of colonization, each with their own unique geographical, climactic, and cultural characteristics. Now, imagine that you are a landless English person, sometime between 1660 and 1720, who has signed up …