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BSBPEF301 Organise personal work priorities

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BSBPEF301 Organise personal work priorities
Project / Portfolio of evidence
For this assessment, learners will need access to:

Internet, and word processing software. And, access to the LMS and associated learning resources
Assessment Criteria:
To achieve a satisfactory result, you need to demonstrate the following key skills/tasks/knowledge to an acceptable industry standard:
All tasks completed in full and to a satisfactory standard.
Demonstrated knowledge and skills required to prepare and implement a personal work plan.
In the course of the above, the candidate must:
Prepare a work plan according to organisational requirements and work objectives
Use technology to schedule, prioritise and monitor completion of tasks in a work plan
Assess and prioritise own work tasks and address contingencies
Monitor and assess personal performance against job role requirements by seeking feedback from relevant personnel
Identify personal development needs and access, complete and record skill development and learning.

In this assessment, you will be developing a professional development plan and a work plan that you will implement, and then, you will monitor and review the work plan.
Your professional development plan will set out a longer term goal that you wish to achieve and the work plan will take into consideration tasks that you need to complete over the course of a week in your work role.
you will be monitoring and reviewing your work plan and professional development plan. You will get feedback on your performance, report on any variations you had to make to your plan and review your performance in completing your work plan.
This task contains practical activities which need to be documented.
You work for The TAFE Healthy Hub – a multidisciplinary facility which caters to all health needs. The TAFE Healthy Hub details are as follows:
Facility Name: TAFE Healthy Hub
Facility Address: High Street
Thalamus on Wold
General Practitioners: Dr Michael Venne (Partner)
Dr Petra Watt (Partner)
Dr Aloysius Who (Partner)
Dr Felicity Hwie (Employee)
Psychiatrist: Mr Sam Meninges
Physiotherapist: Mrs Alison Dewpweetranz
Occupational therapist: Ms Di Praxia
Optometrist: Mr John Magoo
Dentist: Dr Bi Cuspid
Pathologist: Dr A Coola
Radiologist: Dr Marie Curie
Aged Care Team: Gerry Pace
Tricia Maker
Facility Manager: Anne Manette
Facility Nurses: Nurse Sharon Grey
Nurse Flora Passerine
Nurse Natasha Fatale
Treatment room Assistant: Polly Dipsic
Administration Assistants: You
Melina Ileus
Ruby Olea
Frank Albinoni
Junior: Xanthe Young
You are employed as a Health Administration Assistant for Tafe Healthy Hub. In your role you are expected to do the following tasks on a daily basis:
Receiving patients and visitors
Receiving and making telephone calls
Billing and accounts
Entering patient details on to a data base
Filing patient notes
Maintaining a safe environment for staff and patients
Maintaining and providing information to assist patients
Maintaining the reception area and Practice as a whole
Making appointments for patients and medical staff
Ordering stock
Typing of referral letters, reports, etc
Banking and petty cash procedures
Assisting the Doctors with procedures
Sterilising and disinfection
Administration such as Medicare procedures, vaccination procedures, etc

After working at the Tafe Healthy Hub for several months you have discovered that you enjoy working in the health care industry and would like to improve your skills. You have set yourself a goal of becoming an Assistant Manager for Tafe Health Hub within the next year.
In order to be promoted to the role of Assistant Manager you will have to do the following:
Undertake additional training and learn how to enter financial data onto MYOB
Gain experience processing Medicare billing exceptions
Gain experience preparing daily and weekly earnings reports
Enrol in a Dealing with difficult people training course

Planning how you will achieve your Goal
The work plan you develop will be based on one or more of the above requirements to become Assistant Manager. Select one to use for your work plan.
To plan how you will achieve your goal, complete the following steps:
On your work plan, explain the goal you want to achieve and the professional development objectives and skills required to achieve the goal
On your work plan, describe how your goal aligns with organisational policies and objectives
Seek approval from the supervisor to implement the work plan
Make notes before, during or after developing your plan and write on the bottom of the plan. This may include thoughts, worries, benefits, etc (both negative and positive) that may impact on achieving your goal
Write down the goal and provide a detailed description
List the different steps that you need to do to achieve your goal, there should be at least three (3) steps
For each step provide a KPI to measure it, an overall objective. These include the things you need to take into consideration to achieve your goal, and the standards you or your business have set for your goal and objectives.
For each step, include the duration or start and end dates

Goal Description
How does your Goal align with the needs of the organisation?
Start Date
Completion Date
Approval sought from
Signature Date
Work Plan
Steps Actions KPIs Objective Duration (start/end date)


Contingency Management
This is a key part of any work plan, you not only plan for what will go right, but you must also plan for what could go wrong and how you can avoid or minimise the problem.
Look at your work plan and all the actions that will take place. List three (3) problems that you may encounter while implementing your work plan. Add these to the contingency management plan below
For each of the three (3) problems that you have selected, think of at least one (1) action that you could put in place to avoid or solve the problem. For example, a problem could be additional costs or delays to the timeline.
Stress is another factor as it can affect your performance and health. What stresses each person is different. Look at your work plan and all the actions and consider two (2) factors that will cause you stress when undertaking/completing the overall goal and each step in the plan. Come up with solutions to minimise each cause of stress. Pick the top two stresses and add these to your contingency management plan

Contingency Management
Problems that could occur
(list at least three) What can be done to avoid or minimise the problem

Stress Management
Stresses that might occur during the work plan
(list at least two) How to manage these stresses

Using Technology with your work plan
Using technology to schedule, prioritise and monitor tasks is a great way to keep you on track as you achieve your goal. There are many applications (apps) that can help you to achieve your goal, minimise problems and reduce stress. For example, using notes or a calendar on your phone/tablet/computer may help to improve time management.
Research and find the apps that best suits you for achieving the goal of your work plan. In the work technology plan below, write down two (2) apps that you will be using and give three reasons why each app best suit your needs and will help you to achieve your goal.
Load the steps from your work plan into your app and make sure that you will get notifications for when your actions need to be completed. Take a screenshot of your work plan in your apps on your phone/tablet or laptop and add them into the table below. Upload at least three (3) screenshots showing how you have listed your different activities and how you have set up notifications.

Using Technology in your Work plan
App 1 you are using in your work plan
Reasons why this app will assist you in achieving your work plan goal
App 2 you are using in your work plan
Reasons why this app will assist you in achieving your work plan goal

Screenshots of your work plan in the app. These should include how you have listed the activities and how you have set notifications/reminders
It is important we keep learning and developing our skills. Most workplaces will offer staff members access to professional development and training. To decide on what you need can be as simple as developing a checklist of the skills you need to learn or a more complex plan of the courses and training you will do over the next 12 months.
For this assessment, you will outline further personal learning/training and development you would like to undertake in order to achieve your professional development goal.
Following a meeting with your supervisor, set a professional development goal by identifying the skills or knowledge you need to gain in the coming months. Complete the professional development plan template below and cover the following:
Make a list of three (3) skills that you will need to learn or research to achieve your goal in the Learning plan template
You are to research and identify different types of personal learning you can engage with to achieve your professional development goal
You must research and include reputable and specific sites where you will get the skills for the course that you want to do
Outline a description of your professional development goal and how your goal aligns with the organisational policies and procedures of your workplace.
Outline the start and end date for the activities you will undertake in order to obtain the necessary skills

Goal Description
How does your Goal align with the needs of the organisation?
Types of personal learning you will undertake to achieve professional goals
Start Date
Completion Date
Approval sought from
Signature Date
Skills needed to achieve goal How you will gain necessary skills How each skill aligns with goal Start Date End Date

Monitoring work plan
Insert the work plan you created before, below the example below. Imagine you are implementing the plan. You now need to note any changes that you make to your work plan. These should include:
Making changes to the start and end dates by writing the actual start or end date below the original date
Changing steps or goals or adding new ones, add a new line for a new step and/or rewrite the old step
How you met your KPIs, did the outcome of your actions meet what you expected and how were they different. See example below. When analysing how you met your KPIs, use calculations to show the variance between planned and actual results
Documenting personal learning and professional development activities undertaken to achieve goals, including findings and results of professional development, and any changes required based on these results.
Work Plan
Steps Actions KPIs Objective Duration (start/end date)

Buy the materials, double-check
Had to go back as they were out of stock on the screws I needed.
Still not there when I went back so had to choose different type of screws Make the bookshelf
Start – 11 Jan
13 Jan
End – 18 Jan
21 Jan
Mark any changes or variations to your work and learning plans. Do not just delete the changes but add the new ones in red. There must be at least three variations.
Feedback on performance
You need to discuss the monitoring and review of your work plan with a supervisor and seek feedback on your performance completing the work plan.
This task requires you to:
Conduct a meeting with supervisor to discuss the outcome of your work plan, any variations between the expected and actual outcome and variance in your KPIs.
In your meeting, you are to seek feedback from a supervisor on your work plan outcomes. Write this in bullet points on the personal performance review in the section headed “Notes on feedback given by Supervisor” below. This feedback must include:
Suggestions for how to improve work plans in the future
Suggested changes to your work plan
Suggested improvements to professional development activities.

Following the meeting, complete the personal performance review below, outlining the following:
Difference between planned and actual KPIs using calculations to show variances
List at least two (2) ways to minimise variations
What went well, list at least three (3) parts that went well for the work plan
Three (3) areas that could be improved in the future
Three (3) suggestions on how to improve a work plan in the future
Lessons learned from creating, completing and reviewing your work plan
What you would you do differently the next time you are completing a work plan
Personal Performance Review
Name and position of person giving the feedback Name:
Notes on feedback given by Supervisor
Difference between planned and actual KPIs (show calculations)
How to minimise variations in the KPIs
What went well
What could be improved
Suggestions on how to improve a work plan in the future
Lessons learned from creating, completing and reviewing your work plan
What would you do differently next time you create a work plan?

Submission requirements
Upon completion of this assessment, you are required to submit:
Updated work plan
Completed – Personal Performance Review

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