Posted: February 9th, 2023

STAT6001: Public Health Informatics

STAT6000: Statistics for Public Health – Demographic Characteristics

Statistics Assessment Task

This assessment has two parts.

Part 1

How can you identify and contact these two groups? In your answer, discuss potential sources of population data that you can use to select participants, and the advantages and disadvantages of using these lists to identify people in the population. You also need to describe your sampling method, the process you will follow to recruit participants, and the limitations of recruiting participants with this approach. This section should include references presented in APA style.

Part 2

Formulate up to 10 questions that will elicit the demographic and usage information you need. You need to include a range of different question types to demonstrate your understanding.

Include both closed and open ended questions.

Include at least one question using a Likert scale.


STAT6001: Public Health Informatics

Assignment Task:

Learning Outcomes
This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:

Synthesize knowledge of public health informatics
Analyze the role of ICT in public health management and healthcare access and service delivery
Examine global and national legislation and strategies for ICT applications in health
Apply critical reasoning skills to assess and report on the effectiveness of an ICT project
Evaluate the innovative use of ICT, including mHealth, eHealth and social media strategies for health promotion, disease outbreak and risk communication, emergencies and disaster response
Evaluate the ways that systems, infrastructure, and resources can constrain the effective applications of ICT
– Information and communication technology (ICT) plays a significant role in public health management and healthcare access and service delivery. ICT can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare systems by enabling the electronic exchange of health information and providing access to electronic health records and other health-related data.
Global and national legislation and strategies for ICT applications in health can help to ensure that healthcare systems are able to take advantage of the benefits of ICT while also protecting patient privacy and security. These laws and strategies may include guidelines for the use of electronic health records, standards for the exchange of health information, and regulations for the development and deployment of health-related technology.
In order to assess the effectiveness of an ICT project in the healthcare sector, it is important to use critical reasoning skills to evaluate the project’s goals, objectives, and outcomes. This may involve analyzing data on the project’s performance, comparing it to similar projects, and considering the views and experiences of stakeholders such as patients, healthcare providers, and policymakers.
Innovation in the use of ICT in healthcare can help to improve patient outcomes and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare systems. Examples of innovative ICT applications in healthcare include mobile health (mHealth) technologies, such as apps for managing chronic conditions, and electronic health (eHealth) systems, such as electronic health records and telemedicine platforms. Social media strategies can also be used for health promotion, disease outbreak and risk communication, emergencies, and disaster response.
However, it is important to recognize that systems, infrastructure, and resources can constrain the effective application of ICT in healthcare. For example, a lack of sufficient infrastructure or funding can make it difficult to implement and maintain ICT systems, and a lack of trained personnel can limit their effectiveness. It is important to consider these constraints when evaluating the potential impact and effectiveness of ICT in healthcare.


In this assessment, you will follow two parts:

Twitter Review:

Follow three public health-related Twitter accounts and summarise what you have learned from following these feeds for 5 weeks (from Week 1 to week 5 of the trimester). Critique on how Twitter as a social media tool, can be utilised for informed public health informatics field. Note that you will need to create a Twitter account. You may pick up accounts from the following list (1500 words)


Telemedicine in Australia (1000 words)

Summarise the barriers to the uptake of telemedicine in Australia based on articles provided in the learning resources and wider literature (last 5 years). Classify them into ICT issues and management issues and evaluate current methods.

In your opinion, what are the key barriers and how can these be addressed? Provide suggestions and practical recommendations based on evidence.

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