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Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the efforts of an organization in order to achieve its goals. It involves making decisions and taking actions to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively in order to achieve desired outcomes.

There are several principles of management that are commonly referred to in the field, including:

Division of labor: This principle involves breaking down tasks into smaller, more specialized components in order to increase efficiency.

Authority and responsibility: This principle involves delegating authority and responsibility to individuals or groups in order to achieve specific goals.

Unity of command: This principle states that each employee should have only one immediate supervisor, in order to avoid confusion and ensure clear communication.

Unity of direction: This principle involves aligning the efforts of different parts of an organization towards a common goal.

Subordination of individual interests to general interests: This principle involves prioritizing the goals of the organization over the interests of individual employees.

Remuneration: This principle involves paying employees in a fair and equitable manner for their contributions to the organization.

Centralization: This principle involves the concentration of decision-making authority in a central authority or group.

Scalar chain: This principle involves establishing a hierarchy of authority within an organization, with each level having a specific level of authority.

Order: This principle involves organizing resources and activities in a logical and efficient manner.

Equity: This principle involves treating all employees fairly and with respect.

These principles are not exhaustive, but they are widely recognized as important aspects of effective management.
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