Deliverable 3 – Psychological Contract Training Outline

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Deliverable 3 – Psychological Contract Training Outline and success as a leader. You want to know their leadership style and how effective they were in previous positions. You have concluded your interview and now must create a hiring report from the interview.


Select a leader you know from personal experience or one that you have researched to serve as your interviewed candidate. Evaluate the candidate for their leadership practices and how effective they were for their organization. Write a hiring report that includes the following:

Summarize your leader for your audience (avoid using the first person).
Describe their leadership style and how effective their motivational practices were for their organization.
Discuss their leadership strategies used in building and maintaining trust in leader-follower relationships.
Review any ethical leadership practices that contributed to overall organizational success.
Based on your research and analysis, what would be your recommendation for hiring this candidate?
Provide attribution for credible sources used in the hiring report.
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Evaluate leadership practices that support organizational effectiveness.


You are a Senior HR Representative, and your task is to hire a new regional HR manager. You are responsible for conducting the interviews and want to know about the candidate’s experience

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The candidate for the regional HR manager position is a highly experienced leader with a proven track record of success in previous roles. They possess a leadership style that is both decisive and collaborative, and are able to effectively motivate and inspire their teams to achieve organizational goals.
Leadership Style:
The candidate’s leadership style is best described as transformational. They are able to inspire their team members to strive for excellence, and are able to create a sense of shared purpose within the organization. Their motivational practices are effective, and they have a knack for creating a positive work environment that fosters engagement and productivity.
Building and Maintaining Trust:
The candidate has a strong understanding of the importance of trust in leader-follower relationships. They have been successful in building trust with their team members by being open, transparent, and approachable. They are also skilled at maintaining trust by consistently delivering on their commitments and being responsive to the needs of their team members.
Ethical Leadership:
The candidate is known for their ethical leadership practices. They have a strong moral compass and are committed to acting in the best interests of the organization and its stakeholders. They have been successful in creating a culture of integrity and accountability within their team, which has contributed to overall organizational success.
Based on the research and analysis conducted, it is recommended that the candidate be hired as the new regional HR manager. They possess the necessary experience, leadership skills, and ethical principles to effectively lead the team and contribute to the organization’s success.

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