Attending a BSN program Reflection

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Instruction for this Paper:

Nursing is an ever-changing field.

Things always change without any notice. That’s life.

The nursing profession is no exception. Although the primary focus of nursing– taking care of patients– is still the same, almost everything else has been modified.

The evolution of nursing does not stop in the present, either. New breakthroughs, medicines and technologies are constantly being made. This means nurses and employers must keep up or risk becoming obsolete.

Nursing has become an industry of adaptation.

In this assignment reflect on how attending the BSN program in school has helped transformed you; how it changed you as an as individual and nursing student during the term.(THIS TERM CURRENTLY FOCUSED ON HANDS ON NURSING SKILLS, PHARMACOLOGY, AND THE NURSING PROCESS) ( You can also write how this transformational experience has changed your nursing practice in your work setting) (**MY PERSONAL WORK SETTING IS WORKING AS LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSE IN HOME HEALTH CARE SEEING PATIENTS IN THEIR HOMES)
Attending the BSN program in school has been a transformational experience for me. As a nursing student, I have gained a deeper understanding of the nursing profession and have developed a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that have prepared me to be a competent and compassionate nurse.

One of the most significant ways that the BSN program has changed me is through the hands-on clinical experiences that I have had in various clinical settings. These experiences have given me the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills that I have learned in the classroom to real-life situations and have helped me develop my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

The BSN program has also helped me to understand the importance of pharmacology in nursing practice. I have learned about the various medications that are commonly used in the treatment of different conditions and have gained an understanding of how to safely administer and monitor these medications. This knowledge has been invaluable in my current work setting as a licensed vocational nurse in home health care, as I frequently work with patients who are taking multiple medications.

Finally, the BSN program has helped me to understand the nursing process and how to use it as a framework for assessing and planning patient care. I have learned how to gather and analyze patient data, develop nursing diagnoses, and plan and implement interventions that are individualized to meet the needs of each patient. This has been particularly important in my work setting, where I often work with patients who have complex health needs.

Attending the BSN program has been a transformational experience that has changed me as an individual and nursing student. It has helped me to develop the knowledge and skills that I need to be a competent and compassionate nurse and has prepared me to excel in my current work setting as a licensed vocational nurse in home health care.

Write a 2 Full pages in APA format paper and MUST use 1 reference to cite regarding your experience on how the BSN nursing program helped transformed you during this term.
Total pages minimum 4 including cover sheet and reference page.
***Partial paper will receive partial credit ( only Full paper will receive FULL credit)