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Servant leadership and participative leadership

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Pretend that you have been tasked with informing your colleagues of best practices for developing and empowering others.
Decide whom you will be training. Select an audience for your presentation (i.e., your workplace, school, place of worship, or volunteer organization) so you can make appropriate recommendations in your presentation.
Bring to mind some examples of development and empowerment.
Think of how development and empowerment are similar and different. Consider creating a Venn diagram to help you organize your thoughts as you compare and contrast the concepts of development and empowerment.
Review the assigned pages from Chapter 8 in your course text. Pay particular attention to the two views of leadership authority: servant leadership and participative leadership.
Select a view of leadership authority you think would be most likely to empower others in your chosen setting. Servant leadership and participative leadership are two different approaches to leadership that emphasize different aspects of the leader’s role.

Servant leadership is a leadership style in which the leader focuses on serving the needs of their team or organization and prioritizing the well-being of their followers. Servant leaders often adopt a collaborative leadership style and may empower their team members to take on more responsibilities and make decisions.

Participative leadership is a leadership style in which the leader involves their team members in the decision-making process and values their input and ideas. Participative leaders often seek to build consensus and foster collaboration among team members.

Both servant leadership and participative leadership have been shown to be effective in certain situations and can be used to foster a positive and productive work environment. The most appropriate leadership style may depend on the specific needs and goals of the organization and the team, as well as the leadership skills and personality of the leader.

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