Operational Issue in a Supermarket in Riyadh.

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Operational Issue in a Supermarket in Riyadh.
Operations and Supply Chain Management
You are required to consider an operational issue within an organisation of your choice and propose specific and practicable recommendations for action, which will lead to a measurable improvement in efficiency or effectiveness.

The issue could be organisation wide or specific to a particular department.

You should present your analysis of the issue using the concepts, vocabulary and techniques of Operations Management theory that you have encountered on the course.

The report will be assessed according to the following criteria:

The description of the organisation, the problem and its context (15%)
Understanding and application of appropriate concepts to analyse the operation and make your recommendations (45%)
The quality of the report, including structure, readability, and presentation (30%)
Methodology (how did you analyse the business and test your recommendations) (10%)
The report should be between 2,000-3,000 words long (this does not include the Executive Summary, Tables, Figures, References and Appendices) and have the following structure:

An Executive Summary, no more than one page, which summarises the report, its main findings, conclusions and recommendations. Please follow this outline with exact headings and suheadings.
A List of Contents including page numbers for easy reference
1. An Introduction-300 words minimum
– briefly describes the organisation,
the external context of the problem (i.e. market share, customers, competitors)
-the internal context of the problem (i.e. how it is performing, recent organisational changes and the issues it faces)
2. Methodology-300 words minimum
how you analysed the business, –
-identified its problems
-developed your conclusions
-tested your recommendations
3. Problem description and analysis-600 words minimum
-the impact that it has on the organisation
-factors that have caused the problem
-Recommendations for solving the problem
-Realistic implementation plan
4. Critical analysis of the recommendations and implementation plan-900 words minimum
-Compare their costs and benefits with alternative solutions
-Potential barriers to successfully implementing your proposed recommendations
Appendices containing any calculations or background data/evidence to support your analysis and recommendations