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Nursing is an ever-changing field

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Instruction for this Paper:

Nursing is an ever-changing field. As new technologies and treatments are developed, nurses must stay up-to-date on the latest evidence-based practices to provide the best possible care to their patients. In addition, the healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and nurses must be adaptable and able to respond to new challenges and opportunities.

To stay current in the field, nurses often participate in continuing education and professional development activities, such as attending conferences and workshops, earning additional certifications, and taking online courses. Many nursing organizations, such as the American Nurses Association and the International Council of Nurses, offer resources and support for nurses to stay current in their practice.

Nursing is also a field that values innovation and the incorporation of new ideas and approaches. Nurses are often on the front lines of healthcare, working directly with patients and families, and as such, they may have unique insights and ideas for improving care delivery and patient outcomes.

Things always change without any notice. That’s life.

The nursing profession is no exception. Although the primary focus of nursing– taking care of patients– is still the same, almost everything else has been modified.

The evolution of nursing does not stop in the present, either. New breakthroughs, medicines and technologies are constantly being made. This means nurses and employers must keep up or risk becoming obsolete.

Nursing has become an industry of adaptation.

In this assignment reflect on how attending the BSN program in school has helped transformed you; how it changed you as an as individual and nursing student during the term.(THIS TERM CURRENTLY FOCUSED ON HANDS ON NURSING SKILLS, PHARMACOLOGY, AND THE NURSING PROCESS) ( You can also write how this transformational experience has changed your nursing practice in your work setting) (**MY PERSONAL WORK SETTING IS WORKING AS LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSE IN HOME HEALTH CARE SEEING PATIENTS IN THEIR HOMES)


Write a 2 Full pages in APA format paper and MUST use 1 reference to cite regarding your experience on how the BSN nursing program helped transformed you during this term.
Total pages minimum 4 including cover sheet and reference page.
***Partial paper will receive partial credit ( only Full paper will receive FULL credit)

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