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Nurse staffing ratios

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Benchmark – Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management
Nurse staffing ratios and how it impacts quality of care and patient safety in a health care setting.

Nurse staffing ratios refer to the number of nurses that are assigned to care for a certain number of patients. If staffing ratios are too low, nurses may be overwhelmed and unable to provide the level of care that patients need, leading to increased risk of errors and adverse events.

Research has shown that low nurse staffing ratios are associated with a number of negative outcomes, including increased patient mortality, longer hospital stays, and higher rates of hospital-acquired infections. In addition, nurses who work in understaffed environments may be more prone to burnout and turnover, which can further contribute to the negative impact on patient care.

On the other hand, adequate nurse staffing ratios can improve the quality of care and patient safety by allowing nurses to spend more time with each patient, monitor their condition more closely, and respond promptly to changes in their condition. Adequate staffing can also reduce the risk of burnout and turnover among nurses, which can help to maintain a stable and competent nursing workforce.

In summary, nurse staffing ratios are a crucial factor in the quality of care and patient safety in a health care setting. Ensuring that staffing ratios are appropriate for the patient population and acuity level is essential for optimizing patient outcomes and minimizing the risk of errors and adverse events.
1,000-1,250 (APA style) words describing the differing approaches of nursing leaders and managers to issues in practice. To complete this assignment, do the following:

Select an issue from the following list: bullying, unit closures and restructuring, floating, nurse turnover, nurse staffing ratios, use of contract employees (i.e., registry and travel nurses), or magnet designation.
Describe the selected issue. Discuss how it impacts quality of care and patient safety in the setting in which it occurs.
Discuss how professional standards of practice should be demonstrated in this situation to help rectify the issue or maintain professional conduct.
Explain the differing roles of nursing leaders and nursing managers in this instance and discuss the different approaches they take to address the selected issue and promote patient safety and quality care. Support your rationale by using the theories, principles, skills, and roles of the leader versus manager described in your readings.
Discuss what additional aspects managers and leaders would need to initiate in order to ensure professionalism throughout diverse health care settings while addressing the selected issue.
Describe a leadership style that would best address the chosen issue. Explain why this style could be successful in this setting.
Use at least three peer-reviewed journal articles other than those presented in your text or provided in the course.

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