Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets

January 4, 2023 0 Comments

W. Edward Deming wrote, “Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.” W. Edward Deming was an American statistician and management consultant known for his work in the field of quality management. One of his most well-known quotes is, “Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.” This quote highlights the idea that the outcomes and results produced by a system are the direct result of its design and the way it is operated. If a system is producing undesirable results, it is because the system itself is flawed or inadequate in some way.

Deming’s quote suggests that it is important to carefully consider the design and operation of a system in order to produce desired results. If a system is not meeting its goals or producing the desired outcomes, it may be necessary to examine and re-design the system in order to improve its performance. Additionally, the quote highlights the importance of continuous improvement, as a system that is “perfectly designed” may not always be the most effective or efficient. By constantly seeking to improve the design and operation of a system, it is possible to continuously optimize its performance and achieve better results.
Peter Drucker noted that, “A man should never be appointed to a managerial position if his vision focuses on people’s weaknesses rather than on their strengths. The man who always knows what people cannot do, but never sees what they can do, will undermine the spirit of the organization.”
Peter Senge proposed that, “When people in organizations focus only on their position, they have little sense of responsibility for the results produced when all positions interact.”
As a manager/leader in a healthcare organizations, we are challenged to consider new situations and new complexities both internal and external to our organizations. One source of inspiration is in looking back at some of the leading thinkers in management who have said things that may have seemed strange and/or confusing.

Please take one of these quotes and respond to it in order to evidence that you have personalized the ideas about organizations and management presented by one of these seminal thinkers in the field. Show that you can relate how these ideas can be applied in your healthcare organizational context and in your operating environment. Finally, conclude your post with a question that you may have concerning the larger issues that your chosen quotes touches on.