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Evaluation of Plan Effectiveness Criteria

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Evaluation of Plan Effectiveness Criteria
Over the past nine weeks, you selected an aggregate and conducted a risk assessment of its health, developed a care plan to address those health risks, planned to implement one intervention in a small group from the aggregate, and considered the effectiveness of the intervention on the health of the small group. It is time now for you to present your final submission of this Capstone project.

There are two parts to this assignment.

Part 1: A 10-15 slide power point presentation addressing the following:

On a separate references page, cite all sources using APA format.
Bi-weekly Practicum Journaling
Throughout this course you have been describing your clinical activities in your journal. This week you will focus on a specific topic related to your practicum experience. Write a brief (300-word) personal reflection describing interprofessional collaboration during your experiences in the clinical setting. Reflect on your efforts as a team member to move a client along the health continuum. Please consider the following areas:

What professions did you interact with?
What challenges did the interprofessional team had to overcome to deliver competent care?
How did the interprofessional care enhance the status of a client/population?
How might this experience affect your future practice?

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