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Digital information tools and technologies

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Reflect on the Resources related to digital information tools and technologies.
Consider your healthcare organization’s use of healthcare technologies to manage and distribute information.
Reflect on current and potential future trends, such as use of social media and mobile applications/telehealth, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled asset tracking, or expert systems/artificial intelligence, and how they may impact nursing practice and healthcare delivery.
Post a brief description of general healthcare technology trends, particularly related to data/information you have observed in use in your healthcare organization or nursing practice. Describe any potential challenges or risks that may be inherent in the technologies associated with these trends you described. Then, describe at least one potential benefit and one potential risk associated with data safety, legislation, and patient care for the technologies you described. Next, explain which healthcare technology trends you believe are most promising for impacting healthcare technology in nursing practice and explain why. Describe whether this promise will contribute to improvements in patient care outcomes, efficiencies, or data management. Be specific and provide examples.

There are several trends in healthcare technology that I have observed in use in healthcare organizations and nursing practice.

One trend is the increasing use of electronic health records (EHRs). EHRs are digital versions of a patient’s medical history, test results, and other important information that can be accessed by healthcare providers. This technology allows for easier sharing of patient information between providers and can improve the accuracy and efficiency of healthcare delivery. However, there are potential challenges and risks associated with EHRs, such as the risk of data breaches and the need for proper training and support for providers to effectively use the technology.

Another trend is the use of telemedicine, which allows healthcare providers to remotely consult with patients using videoconferencing and other technologies. Telemedicine can improve access to healthcare for patients in rural or underserved areas, but it also raises concerns about the privacy and security of patient information transmitted over the internet.

A third trend is the use of wearable and remote monitoring devices, such as fitness trackers and smart watches, to track and monitor patients’ health data. These devices can provide valuable insights for healthcare providers, but there are also concerns about the accuracy and reliability of the data they collect.

While healthcare technology has the potential to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery, it is important to carefully consider and address any potential challenges or risks associated with these technologies.

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