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Conflict, workplace violence and Negotiation

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Title: Conflict, workplace violence and Negotiation

1. Conflict

2.Relationship Between Organizational Conflict and Effectiveness

3.Common Sources of Organizational Conflict

4.Managerial Response to Conflict

5.Categories of Conflict

6.Stages of Conflict

7.Conflict Resolution Outcomes

8.Common Conflict Resolution Strategies.




12.Common Causes of Organizational Conflict

13.Helpful Tips in Conflict Resolution.


15.Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

16.Seeking Consensus

Note: Between 100 to 150 words per topics.
Conflict: Conflict is a state of disagreement or disharmony between two or more parties. It can arise in any situation where there are competing interests or values, and it can take many forms, including verbal arguments, physical altercations, or conflicts of interest.

Relationship Between Organizational Conflict and Effectiveness: Organizational conflict can have both positive and negative effects on organizational effectiveness. On the positive side, conflict can lead to the generation of new ideas, increased creativity, and improved problem-solving. On the negative side, conflict can lead to reduced productivity, increased turnover, and decreased morale.

Common Sources of Organizational Conflict: There are many sources of organizational conflict, including differences in personality, values, goals, and interests. Other common sources of conflict include differences in power and authority, inadequate communication, and limited resources.

Managerial Response to Conflict: Managers have a number of options for responding to conflict within an organization. They can attempt to resolve the conflict directly, delegate the conflict to another party, or ignore the conflict in the hopes that it will resolve itself.

Categories of Conflict: Conflict can be categorized into several different types, including intrapersonal conflict, interpersonal conflict, and group conflict. Intrapersonal conflict refers to conflict within an individual, while interpersonal conflict refers to conflict between two individuals. Group conflict refers to conflict between groups or teams.

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