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CLC – Quality Models

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There are several quality models that are commonly used in the health care industry to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. Some examples include:

Lean: The Lean model is a continuous improvement approach that aims to eliminate waste and improve efficiency in processes. It emphasizes the use of data and analysis to identify and eliminate inefficiencies, and it encourages a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Six Sigma: Six Sigma is a data-driven approach to improving quality by identifying and eliminating defects in processes. It uses statistical analysis to identify the root causes of problems and to develop and implement solutions.

Total Quality Management (TQM): TQM is a holistic approach to quality improvement that involves all levels of an organization in the continuous improvement process. It emphasizes the use of data and feedback to drive improvement, as well as the development of a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI): CQI is a systematic approach to improving quality by identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes in a continuous and ongoing manner. It involves the use of data and feedback to drive improvement, and it emphasizes the importance of involving all levels of the organization in the improvement process.

These are just a few examples of the many quality models that are used in health care. It is important for organizations to choose the model that best fits their needs and goals, and to be proactive in continuously improving the quality of care they provide.
CLC – Quality Models
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This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.
The purpose of this assignment is to examine quality models used in health care. With your CLC group, create a 12-15 slide PowerPoint on Lean, Six Sigma, and 5S quality models. Include the following in your presentation:
1. A description of each quality model.
2. A brief history of each quality model.
3. A description and examples of how each quality model can be applied to the health care setting.
4. Include a title slide, references slide, and comprehensive speaker notes.
5. Use a minimum of four peer-reviewed, scholarly references as evidence.
Refer to the resource, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style.
While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
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