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Using Social Media and Mobile Marketing

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This week you will read Chapter 17 “Using Social Media and Mobile Marketing to Connect with Consumers” and Chapter 18 – which covers the topic “Personal Selling and Sales Management.”
1. Select one or two video(s) of interest to you from the list below.
Videos – Week 8 – Chapters 17 & 18

2. In a paragraph, discuss some of the key facts that you learned and utilize some “marketing terminology” in your post as you share some concepts that you learned. Remember to label the subject of your post with the name of the video.
Canvas Submission:
Make an original Discussion post by Friday night (midnight) Subject: Include the textbook content and how the video relates to that topic. Clearly label your paragraph with the name of the video and topic. Original post = 15 points.
Reply to at least two peers by Sunday evening. 2 replies @5 pts each = 10 points.
Total = 25 points
BONUS: Do you have a LinkedIn profile yet? At the bottom of page 475 (Ch 17) they give you an example of how to create one. Here are some tips from their website:
Submit your link here in this Discussion for bonus points. Then connect to Ms. Graham on LinkedIn to give your profile a boost in networking.

Part 1:
Write at least one paragraph, reflecting on some key concepts that you learned in this course on MARKETING, and how those concepts relate to your daily life.
Part 2:
Give feedback for the instructor on this course, sharing things that went well, or could be improved. Thank you!
Example: do you think that the weekly Discussion Forums were more purposeful learning activities than periodic Chapter Exams? How was the pace of the material in an 8-week online course? Were there enough announcements by the instructor? Share any ideas or constructive feedback that might be helpful to future students.
Reminder: the course format was to read 2 chapters per week, then complete 3 textbook activities per chapter, and participate in one discussion forum per week.
Canvas Submission:
Complete your original post with two parts – by the due date. No need to reply to peers this week (unless you’d like to!)

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