Research Essay, Thesis & Dissertation Topics Sample Assignments:

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Start by taking the following quiz:
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The quiz helps you understand where you stand politically based on your economic, social
and cultural values. Remember, political differences are the life pulse of any democracy! If
we all had the same opinions and agreed, we would likely live in a scary and oppressive
regime… It is ok to disagree, and important to be able to stand up for what you believe in.
So, this exercise is not about judging anyone’s political views, but about celebrating
differences, while making you more aware of your position and help you to argue it.
But how will your political views affect your architectural practice? And what kind of city
will your politics bring about?
After taking the test, pick one contemporary architect/or architectural firm that you feel
reflects your position. Describe how his/her/their practice is an expression of their
political view. Pick at least one project in order to ground you argument in a specific
example. Describe the context in which the project was realized? Who did the architect
design for? How was the project financed? Who are the users? Who has access to the
project? Was the community engaged in the design process? How where risks and benefits
allocated? Do the project’s aesthetics reflect a political position?
Finally reflect more broadly on your agency as an aspiring architect to align your
work/career with your political views. The essay of approximately 1500 words.

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