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Wk 5: Social Media Opportunities and Challenges

November 30, 2022 0 Comments

Wk 5: Social Media Opportunities and Challenges

This week had a focus on using social media for digital brand management. Social media has become an effective, and often less inexpensive marketing channel to get attention for the brand. After reading all materials in Week 5: Digital Marketing Mix – Social Media, please discuss the following question on this Discussion Board with the class.

1. Social media offers brand-building opportunities but also challenges for digital brand management. Give one example of a company that successfully used social media to build a brand and one example of a company whose brand was negatively impacted on social media (think consumer boycotts, cyber-attacks, customer complaints, employees misusing corporate/product social media channels).

2. How can companies protect their digital brand reputation against a negative attack or backlash on social media?

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