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What is the “McDonaldization of society”

November 30, 2022 0 Comments

1) What is the “McDonaldization of society” and how might it benefit subcultures in a diverse society? On the other hand, what is the downside or possible negative impact on people of this phenomenon.

2) Some children grow up in a quite homogenous subculture in the U.S., with little exposure to the wider societal culture. How can this impact their lives? Cite at least three examples.

3) Children growing up in an upper class household tend to develop a “taken-for-granted sense of entitlement.” How does this affect their sense of self and does it ensure them psychological confidence and self-worth, in addition to other positive attributes?

4) There are multiple risk factors for children growing in poverty. Identify at least five. Include in your discussion who the effects of poverty can be mediated, or overcome.

5) In most societies, there is a division of labor between males and females, history and to the present time. What has influenced a shift in this once-assumed expectation? Give examples to support your answer

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