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What do analysis and thesis have in common

November 30, 2022 0 Comments

Directions Read the following information about Thesis Statements: Thesis Statements Create responses to the following three items: Answer Answer the question “What do analysis and thesis have in common, and how do they compliment each other?” Thesis Statement Write a thesis statement about “music, food, or college” that includes answers to the three questions that should be included in a thesis statement. Parts and Question Name the three “parts of your thesis” and “the question” that is answered by the thesis you wrote about music, food, or college. Avoid the types of statements that are listed as NOT being thesis statements in the reading provided. Post your paragraph to the dicussion board by clicking on the title of this activity or through the Discussion Board main menu on the left. Make sure to create 3 separate sections when posting ie. 1. Answer 2. Thesis Statement 3. Parts and Question.

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