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Topic Workplace environment issues (harassment)

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Topic Workplace environment issues (harassment)

You will research a specific area of the law and prepare a paper discussing it. You are NOT expected to cover all aspects of your topic in comprehensive detail, but instead should focus your analysis on the practical impact of your legal topic on today’s business environment. The paper may include some basic background information about the area of the law you are addressing, but you should not devote substantial attention to historical developments. You are encouraged to discuss real-world case examples. Please see below for further details.


Form Projects Teams (by class session #2).
This is intended to be a team project (no more than 4 members to a team), but if you prefer, you can work on it individually. Students typically form teams on their own, but I will try to pair you up with a team if requested.

Choose a Topic (by class session #3)
A list of potential topics will be provided to you, although you are not required to choose from that list. I suggest choosing a topic that you have an interest in or that you already know something about. I have almost never rejected a topic, but I will sometimes suggest narrowing your focus if your chosen topic is too broad.

Outline (due by class session #5) (10% of overall course grade).
The outline is intended to provide a preview of what your Final Paper will address. It should include:

(a) An introduction (no more than 2 pages, double spaced) that provides an overview and a brief explanation of the legal topic that you are addressing.

(b) A tentative “table of contents” for the final paper, with headings and subheadings, indicating how you intend to organize your final paper, including (brief) descriptions of what you intend to cover in each section of the paper.

(c) A bibliography listing the sources (cases, books, articles, on-line materials, etc.) you have found and intend to rely upon in preparing the final paper.

I will give you feedback on your Outline to help with preparation of the Final Paper.

Final Paper (due at the end of the semester) (25% of your overall course grade).
The final paper should include an introduction to your topic, a detailed discussion of the topic organized into headings and subheadings, and a final bibliography. You are free to reuse the introduction as well as the organizational structure from the outline, but you are also free to revise these as you see fit.

If your group has 1 or 2 members, the final paper should be a minimum of 10 pages, double-spaced. If your group has 3 members, the paper should be a minimum of 15 pages, double-spaced. If your group has 4 members, the paper should be a minimum of 20 pages, double-spaced. The bibliography does not count for purposes of these page minimums.

I do not require any particular format for the paper (for example, it does not have to be in APA format). Sources can be cited using either endnotes or footnotes. You must put quotation marks around any language that is taken directly from another source. Good papers will mostly paraphrase information from other sources, rather than copy it word-for-word.

In-Class Presentation (class session #8) (counts as part of your class participation score).
The presentation should not be a summary of your final paper, but instead should highlight aspects of your topic that you believe would be interesting to your classmates. The time allotted for the presentation will depend on the size of the class.

Team Member Evaluations (5% of your overall course grade).
For those working on the project as part of a team, you will be given the opportunity to submit a confidential evaluation of your teammates’ contributions to the project. This is an opportunity to give some extra credit to anyone who contributed more than their share to the project, and also to inform me if anyone’s contributions were below expectations. If you do not submit the evaluation form I will assume that all of your team members contributed equally to the project.

Grading rubrics for the Outline and Final Paper will be posted.

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