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The Similarities And Differences Of Greek And Egyptian Civilizations

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The Similarities And Differences Of Greek And Egyptian Civilizations
The Greeks and Egyptians are two well-known ancient civilizations in history. Both have a long history and are well-liked by many people. Each of these civilizations was built from the ground up, and each had its own culture, practices, religions, and architecture. Although these two civilizations have this development in common, they differ significantly in each of these aspects of life. In this essay, we will compare and contrast Greek and Egyptian religions, as well as their attitudes toward women at the time. Between the two, Egyptian civilization arrived first, followed by Mesopotamian civilization. Greece came first in time. The Greeks and Egyptians both had a… more content…
Egyptian religion was distinct, and some of its practices were adopted by other civilizations. Like the Egyptians, Greek civilization had many immortal and powerful gods, but the most important were the twelve major gods. To name a few, these gods and goddesses were Zeus, Hera, Athena, and Apollo. They were thought to live on Mt. Olympus. The Greek gods lived forever. The Greeks built temples (similar to the Egyptian pyramids), and gods were worshiped in these temples. Ceremonial rituals and other special occasions were also held here. The majority of the temples were built to honor a god and were therefore sacred in nature. They performed animal sacrifices, held festivals, and held sporting events. It is clear that the Greeks adopted some characteristics from Egyptian religion, but they are still distinct in their own right. Women were present during this century, but they were not thought to be or do much where they lived. This concept was shared by almost every civilization at the time. This was the attitude toward women in Greek civilization. Women had very few rights in Ancient Greece, especially when compared to their male counterparts. Women were not allowed to vote, own land, or inherit property. They were also barred from running for office or attending public gatherings. Some women were also prostitutes at the time. The Obtain Access

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