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Social Psychology Final Paper

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Research papers will be 6 – 8 pages on a chosen topic reflecting your thoughts and perspectives relating to the social “self”. Use simplest way to express. This research paper is based on appraisal of the social “self” by examining personal attitudes in relation to group processes through a carefully reasoned research paper.
Students will select two social psychological concepts from our class textbook. Your Research Paper will adhere to this structure: Your first section, Thesis and Literature Review, must contain a well-focused thesis and your two theories/concepts that you are researching. The literature must include material from our class textbook (2 sources), 1 academic source and 2 additional articles that summarize your theories/concepts. All 5 sources must be properly cited both in this section and in your Works Cited section. Your first section, Thesis and Literature Review, must include a well-focused thesis as well as your two theories/concepts under investigation. The literature must include two (2) sources from our class textbook, one academic source, and two (2) additional articles that summarize your theories/concepts. All five sources must be properly cited in both this and your Works Cited section.
Your Methods section will include data from your personality profile; 20 Statements Test (see below); your Myers-Briggs Personality profile and any other method (such as a Big 5 test, enneagram or EQ test) which may include either a qualitative research method (ex: interviews) or a quantitative research method (ex: surveys). Any of these methods are acceptable but it must be based on your “self”. Your Methods section should be a summation of your tests and your thoughts on those results. It should NOT be the raw data from your tests. That raw data should be attached to the end of your paper as an appendix.
Your Discussion section is a detailed analysis of your findings. This is a very thorough section and includes your personal perspectives, and your reactions from your Methods section. (What I’ve learned from textbook and Who I am)
Your Conclusion section should contain an impactful summary that relates back to your thesis. It is also suggested that recommendations for future research is also included within your Conclusion. Works Cited includes all properly cited sources used within your paper. (express the thinking process, critical thinking)
So to sum it up, consider the Individual Research paper Parts. Part 1 is the the 2 Modules you will be analyzing that fit your concept of yourself, Part 2 is your collection of the personality tests and reflections, including your conclusion. Add headline to divide 4 sections. Your test results should be added at the end of your paper as an appendix.
A successful paper should integrate the psychological concepts you have highlighted with your personality studies. You should relate concepts from the class to what you have learned about your social self from the 3 tests assigned.

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