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Social and economic justice issue

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For your second reflection paper, your topic will be a social and economic justice issue that the President and Congress will be dealing with in this administration and its relevance to social work. The Social Work Dictionary defines social justice as: “An ideal condition in which all members of a society have the same basic rights, protection, opportunities, obligations, and social benefits. Implicit in this concept is the notion that historical inequalities should be acknowledged and remedied through specific measures.” Economic justice is defined by the Social Work Dictionary as: “An ideal condition in which all members of society have the same opportunities to obtain material resources necessary to survive and fulfill their human potentials.” The profession of social work has a mission as well as a commitment to promote and advocate for social and economic justice. The President and Congress address policies and programs concerned with social and economic justice issues in such areas as employment, health care, education, criminal justice, and housing among others. Select one of these areas and in your reflection paper discuss ways people have been affected by discrimination and oppression and denied social and economic justice in the area you selected. Also discuss ways that you would promote and be an advocate for social and economic justice. Describe at least three recommendations that you would make to the President and Congress to promote social and economic justice and explain why you support and advocate for the recommendations. Please remember that your paper must be at least three double-spaced, typed pages, plus the required cover sheet, and all pages must be stapled together.

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