Share an outline of Section IV (Implementation Plan)

November 16, 2022 0 Comments

Share an outline of Section IV (Implementation Plan) of your Change Proposal with your peers. You will collaborate with a small group of your classmates to share ideas and offer feedback and suggestions to one another in an informal setting. This collaboration within your group will assist you in further developing your Change Proposal to be submitted for feedback from your instructor next week.
In your implementation post, be sure to cover the following:
Assess the factors that are likely to affect the implementation of your recommended activities.
Identify evidence-based rationales to propose how you will address them, incorporating your identified change theory. Your plan should encompass the following with evidence to support your rationale:
Technological challenges. Determine evidence-based rationales for how you will address them, taking into account your identified change theory. Your plan should include the following, with evidence to back up your reasoning:
Technological difficulties
Institutional structures
Strategies for building buy-in among different stakeholders, including nurses
Financial trends and anticipation of the availability of human resource and project funding
Hospital or governmental policy constraints
Regulatory requirements
Patient diversity
To complete this assignment, review the Small Group Collaboration Rubric PDF document. Please review these Tips and Tricks PDF for more information on how to use these collaborations most effectively.
Please this is an outline write in point form.