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SCENARIO #1 – Chad is the case manager supervisor

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SCENARIO #1 – Chad is the case manager supervisor for the facility. He sent out an e-mail reminding Sylvia and the other case managers about the meeting they are to attend. Sylvia had less time to prepare for the case managers meeting, so she sends the following e-mail to her supervisor and the other case managers by using the “Reply all” button: “Hi Chad, I plan on being at the meeting but am running late. I was tied up with a case, Mrs. Hilton. I’ll be there shortly.”

SCENARIO #2 – Sylvia attends the meeting, and Chad informs her of the HIPAA violation that occurred in her e-mail. Chad suggests that they work together to resolve the issue and informs Sylvia he is available after the meeting is over. Sylvia thanks him and states, “I appreciate your help and support; it is stressful dealing with chronically ill patients.” Sylvia He will be available after the meeting. Sylvia thanks him and says, “I appreciate your help and support; dealing with chronically ill patients is stressful.”


1. Read both scenarios above, and then answer the following questions:

a. How should this communication be handled effectively?

b. What violations occurred during this communication?

c. How can Chad help Sylvia to prevent further electronic infractions?

2. Your work should be:

a. One (1) page

b. Typed according to APA Writing Style Links to an external site.for margins, formatting and spacing standards

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