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Q1.In what ways has our understanding of genocide

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Q1.In what ways has our understanding of genocide evolved since it was defined in the immediate aftermath of World War II and the Holocaust? Illustrate your answer with specific reference to a 21st century example.
Q2.Intervention to stop genocide would seem, on its face, to be the most basic obligation of international institutions and the world community. Why is the record of intervention so mixed? Cite at least one case where intervention was successful and another where the world failed to act.
Q3.Hannah Arendt argues that the fundamental right is the “right to have rights.” What does she mean? How does her argument relate to the question of refugees?
Q4.Countries make choices as to whom they choose to admit as legal immigrants. Thinking about both American and European examples, discuss what criteria inform these choices and how these choices impact the fate of specific groups of refugees. Use at least one specific refugee group as an example
Q5.The problem of human trafficking can, depending on circumstance, impact men, women, or children? Why then is it an issue of women’s rights? What are the advantages and disadvantages of focusing specifically on women in the discussion?
Q6.The movement for women’s rights and LGBTI rights often comes into conflict with traditional (and often religious) notions of the family. Do you agree with this statement? If so, explain with reference to at least two cases we have discussed together.
Q7.What do we mean by a “rights-based” approach to international development? How is it different from more conventional approaches?
Q8. State capacity — the ability of governments to govern effectively — plays a critical role in the effective extension and support of economic and social rights. Explain how and why this is true and illustrate with specific reference to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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