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PSYC 2 Body weight and Self-esteem in Adolescents

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QUESTION “How does body weight affect adolescences’ self-esteem”
Your final product! Here, you’ll pull together at least six scholarly sources in
a report that attempts to answer your question, and/or that may lead you to
other questions.
Your 7-8 page paper (excluding Title Page and References), will make use
of at least six scholarly sources, and will include:
Title Page – title of the paper, your name and student #, date, course title
and code, your professor’s name.
Introduction – An introduction to the topic and overview of the paper. First,
state/describe the general topic and how it fits into the discipline of Lifespan
Development (1 paragraph). Then, state your question and how the paper
to follow will answer it. For example, “In the following essay, I will
specifically examine the question of “x” …” “I will begin by … and then I will
…” (1 paragraph)
Rationale –Discuss your rationale/interest in selecting your topic. (1
Body – Provide an exploration of your topic/question, making reference to
your sources. Using subsections (with subtitles in bold font) will help you
organize your points and ideas. Always keep the question you started off
with in mind. The points you make should, at some level, always connect
back to it. Make sure to use in-text citations to distinguish your work/ideas
from the work/ideas of others (5-6 pages).
Conclusion – A summary of the major points addressed in the paper’s body.
For example, “In the preceding essay, I first outlined … I then discussed
…”, making reference to the research findings (1 paragraph). Next, discuss
the most striking thing you learned in writing the paper – did it answer your
question? Did it lead to other questions that you want answered? What else
would you need to find out to be able to answer your question? Finally,
discuss how writing the paper contributed to your self-understanding, or
how you might be able to use what you have learned. For example,
“Having now completed my paper and the course itself, the most striking
thing I discovered was … I can see myself using this in my work [or life]
when I … ” (1 paragraph)
Reference Page – A list of all sources used with proper APA formatting.

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