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Position Paper(3,500 words)

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Position Paper(3,500 words)requires explaining and defending position on creationism in public schools. Position Paper Instructions General Pick or create a question (or position to defend) List of possible questions posted below You may not change your question/position from the one you chose for your Position Paper Plan unless you get my approval. If you would like to see some examples, then look in the text book. Nearly every chapter of the text book is essentially a position paper. Introduction ~200–300 words long Be very precise about what question you are going to answer (consider including clarification of what you will not discuss) Be very precise about the conclusion/position that you will be arguing for Briefly tell me about the steps in your argument (how you are going to make your case) E.g. Section 1: Explain the main view, Section 2: Discuss key objection 1, Section 3: Discuss key objection 2 Main body Create your own sections and headings (make sure you do use at least a few headings to break up the body – it helps me see what the main things you want to discuss are) Each paragraph should make a complete point Each point should be fully explained, including how it relates to the bigger picture Make sure you use examples. One line examples for very simple things Up to whole paragraph examples if it is central to your argument For important examples, clearly explain how they fit in to and support your argument Make sure you discuss the best criticisms of you view Make sure you have read all relevant readings on topic (that have been set for the course) Examples in one line for very simple things If it is central to your argument, you may use whole paragraph examples. Explain clearly how important examples fit into and support your argument. Make certain that you discuss the best criticisms of your point of view. Ascertain that you have read all relevant readings on the subject. If there are no objections to your position in the set readings, then do some research (e.g. google scholar) Explain how opposing views are wrong or at least how your view is better Try to anticipate what your opponent might say against your key arguments End stuff Finish with a brief conclusion (~150-250 words) that briefly restates you main conclusion (position) and argument (justification) Include a reference list (anyone with an internet connection and library access should be able to use your reference list to find the source that you have read (same version too). A reference list is a list of article that you have referenced in-text, I do not want a bibliography (everything you have read that informed your ideas on this topic) Other things Use proper in-text citations: Every idea from someone else should include an in-text citation to them unless it is obvious that you are still talking about their ideas (e.g. when you say “Hortnell also claims that” in a sentence right after one with a quote to Hortnell) Page numbers for direct quotes Make it very very clear what is your idea, what is generally accepted fact, and what are your opponents ideas Quotes are OK

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