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Policy tool: causal stories (APA 7)

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Policy tool: causal stories (APA 7)

Students are required to write on three of the following four topics for the policy tool assignment
portion of the class. Please only write on topics that we have already covered. The deadlines for
the papers are in the “Assignments” section of Courseworks. The second part of this rubric will
offer some specifics for each topic, but here are some general guidelines.

· Each policy tool assignment will be worth seven points. To receive all seven points
you must clearly and persuasively address all points below for whichever topic you address. Each assignment for a policy tool will be worth seven points. To receive all seven points, you must address all of the following points clearly and persuasively for whichever topic you address.
· Each assignment should be between 600-800 words. That does not include name and
other related information or bibliographic information.
· The papers must be clearly written in a formal style of the sort you would use for a
professional memo or academic assignment.
· You are welcome to write about policies, cases or issues from outside of the US.
· You must write in prose and the paper should be a cohesive document rather than
simply answers to the question.
· Background section should be 1-2 paragraphs.
· Do not use the words “incredible” or “incredibly.”

1. Causal stories
· Assignment: Write a memo identifying and analyzing a causal story underpinning a major policy problem of your choice. What is the problem? What is the causal story?
How does the story frame the problem, actors, and solutions?.
· Rubrics:
o Does the student describe a concrete problem?
o Does the student explain the conditions or actors that cause the problem?
Does the student detail a concrete causal story?
o Does the student outline solutions to the problem?
o Does the student include and analyze examples of how stakeholders use the casual story?

topic selection: media and American policy-making related topics
readings can be helpful about the topics:

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