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Nutrition, topic is “Food Choices: Consumerism”

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Nutrition, topic is “Food Choices: Consumerism”
Word count: 550 words
Requirements: Use APA in text citation: (last name of first author, year)
single space and not less than one page
Write three or four paragraphs, one at the beginning, one at the end, and two or three in the middle
You don’t need to write much at the beginning and end, just a few sentences, and focus on the middle paragraph
Cite at least three articles, just choose from the pictures the client sent. Do not cite articles other than those in the pictures

A response paper is pretty much what it sounds like. It is your response to the sum total of what you have read that week, to the articles taken as a group. What thoughts or emotions do the readings provoke? Do the ideas seem relevant to anything in your own life? Are there contradictions between the various authors? Are some of the authors more convincing than others? If so, why? And so on. We do not want answers to these specific questions! They are examples of the sorts of things you might want to think about as you read and then write. The questions above are intended to demonstrate that we do not want you to summarize each of the selections one by one. What we want is your best analytical thinking and an integrative response to the overall theme of the week’s readings. Many people find it useful to take notes of major cross-cutting themes or ideas that emerge from the sum of the readings and to write their paper on about three (and definitely no more than five) of these themes.

It may help clean up your writing to think of the task not as a “paper” but as writing a letter to a friend explaining your reactions to the readings. (This is a serious suggestion if any of you ever write letters anymore.)

and the structure of the general topic paragraph is as follows: 1-2 central sentences, half of the essay’s paraphrase, half of your understanding and summary. You should always use paraphrase when quoting literature.

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