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Nursing 420: Synthesis for Nursing Practice

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Nursing 420: Synthesis for Nursing Practice
Synthesis Paper
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This capstone course allows the student to focus on synthesizing knowledge acquired throughout the curriculum. Opportunities to develop personal and professional strategies to make the transition from student to baccalaureate nurse will be offered. Accountability and preparation for critical reasoning as part of the health care team will be emphasized.
I. Graduate Outcomes: Reflect on the extent to which you achieved these outcomes.
1. Provide competent, evidence-based, culturally sensitive care to diverse individuals, families, and communities across the lifespan and throughout the continuum of healthcare environments.

2. Demonstrate effective communication skills, using a variety of modalities in practice, education, and leadership settings.

3. Establish team building and collaborative strategies to facilitate positive outcomes in the delivery of evidence-based client, family, and community-centered care.
4. Embrace the value of life-long learning and professional behaviors that integrate altruism, integrity, social justice, and respect for diversity and human dignity.
5. Utilize knowledge, skills, and technology on leadership, quality management, health promotion, and client safety to provide cost-effective quality healthcare.
6. Integrate evidence-based practices to contribute to the holistic care of clients, families, and communities throughout the lifespan and across the healthcare continuum.

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