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MUSI 1114 Introduction to World Music

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MUSI 1114 Introduction to World Music
Listening Response 1 Assignment Outline
Dr. Daniel Tones
Whereas the course’s initial assignments focussed on your understanding of music and
your music tastes, Listening Response 1 emphasizes objective analysis, critical
thinking, and the development of listening skills. In it, you will listen to, reflect on, and
respond to musical examples associated with the Bakan text and consider perspectives
and concepts from chapters 1-3.
Choose one musical example from each group and respond to the questions or
characteristics assigned to it. To help you make your selection, please first listen to all
examples in each group. In total, you will select and respond to three examples – one
from Group 1, one from Group 2, and one from Group 3.
Your responses must be original, prepared without consulting anyone else in the class,
and stated in your own words. You are welcome to refer to and cite the Bakan text when
preparing your responses.
For each of the examples you select, clearly state the group number, playlist number,
track number, and track title (e.g., Group 1, PL 1-8: Calluna Vulgaris) before providing
your response to the questions or characteristics.
Group 1
PL 1-8: Calluna Vulgaris
PL 1-10: Humpback Whale Sounds
PL 1-11: Khawatim Soorat Al Baqara
Question for Group 1: In 250 words/one page, use the first four of Bakan’s “Five
Propositions” from Chapter 1 as a framework for arguing whether or not the example
you selected is considered “music.” Please include clear references to each of the first
four Propositions in your response.
Group 2
PL 2-3: Chandmani nutag
PL 2-5: Rabbit Dance
PL 2-13: Beware, Verwoerd! (Ndodemnyama)
Question for Group 2: In 250 words/one page, explain how specific musical
characteristics and broader social, cultural, or political context reveal the music’s
meaning and contribute to the identity of its creators or performers.
Regarding musical characteristics, you may wish to consider sounds, instruments, and
voices featured in the example; the language in which lyrics are spoken or sung; and
the genre or combination of genres featured in the music.
In addition to what the Bakan text reveals about social, cultural, and political context,
you may also wish to extract meaning related to the society, nation, or nation-state from
which the example comes.
Group 3
PL 3-5: The Lakes of Kincora and Cronin’s Hornpipe
PL 3-6: Alla Hai
PL 3-17: I Will Always Love You
Questions for Group 3: For the examples in this group, please respond to the questions
associated with the following two characteristics. Your response to each characteristic
may be no longer than two paragraphs.
Characteristic 1: Meter
• Is this music metered (i.e., measured), or non-metric (i.e., in free rhythm)?
Provide an explanation to support your response. If the example features both
metered and non-metric sections, please mention this.
• If you have determined that the music is metered, or predominantly metered,
state the type of meter you hear (e.g., duple, triple, quadruple)
• What sounds (i.e., instruments or voices) specifically support the establishment
of meter in this music? Use categories from the Hornbostel-Sachs classification
system (and explained on our Introduction to Organology handout) to support
your response, and only include an instrument’s specific name (e.g., “electric
bass”) if you are absolutely certain it is the instrument featured on the recording.
Characteristic 2: Rhythm (i.e., durations and/or subdivisions)
• Describe the durations in this example and state why they are might be chosen,
structured in the way they are, or appropriate for this music.
• State the most common type of subdivisions that you hear (e.g., duple, triple,
Formatting Requirements
Your responses must be presented in paragraph format.
Your assignment must be typed in a 12-point font, double-spaced, single-sided, and
uploaded to our Moodle site as a pdf.
Include your last and first names, student number, course name, and instructor at the
top right-hand corner of the assignment’s first page. This is the only information that
may be presented single-spaced. For example:
Smith, Jan
MUSI 1114
Dr. Daniel Tones
Title the assignment as presented below and centre it on the page. For example:
Listening Response 1 Assignment
Correct spelling, grammar, syntax, and sentence structure are expected. To assist you
with the best possible presentation of this assignment, please ensure that you proofread
your work before submitting it.
This assignment is worth 70 marks.
Reponses to Questions 60 marks
(3 responses x 20 marks each)
Spelling and Grammar 10 marks
Grading Rubric
To earn the highest possible mark, students must demonstrate excellence and
meaningful engagement in the ways they:
• Identify, differentiate, and discuss musical characteristics
• apply concepts and perspectives discussed in class and in the course’s assigned
• communicate information, ideas, and perspectives about the music they listen to
• impart original insight and analysis
• adhere to the content and formatting parameters outlined above

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