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M3.3: Discussion: Inspirational Advice

November 30, 2022 0 Comments

M3.3: Discussion: Inspirational Advice

For this Assignment, assume you are a member of a notorious gang. Then watch the Video and answer the questions bellow.


Your parole has been granted and you are nearing your release date. As part of an intervention program, a speaker has been brought in to talk to inmates that will soon be released about their return to society and how they can stay out of trouble and help others.

Reflect on the story of the speaker in the video above. In your initial post, respond to the following:

What similarities do you see between their experience and your own?
What are some ways that you think you would be able to contribute to society after gang life?
What are the benefits or dangers of having reformed gang members attempt to prevent other people from joining gangs?
Do you feel that your persona would likely engage in this type of outreach? Why?

In your responses, focus on how you think people receive the efforts of former gang members when they try to inspire people to leave gangs or never get into them in the first place.

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