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Is healthcare a fundamental human right?

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Argumentative Essay: Is healthcare a fundamental human right?

Now that you have outlined an argument on a topic that you are familiar with, write an argumentative essay of at least 500 to 600 words. Your essay should have an introductory paragraph that employs one of the techniques that we have discussed, such as giving history, background or context, telling an anecdote, employing vivid desсrіption, or asking a thinking question. Include a clear thesis statement in your opening paragraph. There should be two to four body paragraphs that develop your argument featuring explicit topic sentences that rely on facts, examples, In your opening paragraph, include a clear thesis statement. Two to four body paragraphs should develop your argument, with explicit topic sentences based on facts, examples, reasoning, and logic. External sources should be used to back up the ideas in your body paragraphs. reasoning and logic. Support the ideas in your body paragraphs with outside sources. Cite the sources you use by following them with an in-text citation in parentheses. End your paper with a “Works Cited” page that references each of your citations. List these references in alphabetical order. Use MLA style. Finish with a conclusion that employs predictions, implications, suggestions or a call to action, or which call attention to the broader meaning or message in your argument. Format: Type your paper in double-spaced manusсrіpt form for full credit, with an ID block and standard margins as well as page numbers.

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