Human Resources Competencies

November 16, 2022 0 Comments

Human Resources Competencies Human
Resource/Nursing Managers require a specific, yet broad, skill set. It
is vital that nurses self-assess learning needs and develop a plan to
achieve HR competencies. After reading Chapter 2, work through Office
of Human Resources National Institute of Health Suggested Human
Resources (GS-201) Competency Model (2016, on the NIH web site. After
working through Steps 1 and 2 which outline needed competencies and
describe each category, reflect in Step 3 and assess your needs. In Step
4 you will create an individual development plan that includes your
assessment of your abilities to meet the Human Resources competencies
and a timeline with specific goals to address learning needs.
Include a Cover sheet and the assignment should be 4 pages in APA format, site 2 references and 2-3 citations.