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How have your perceptions of your population

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Reflect on your experiences as a nursing student and the experiences you have had in the past and answer the following questions:
a. How have your perceptions of your population of interest changed over the course of the nursing program?
b. What healthcare issues do you feel are most important to address regarding care of your population of interest and why are these issues important? Provide a rationale for this.
c. Describe one change/intervention that you feel would benefit the population. Please explain in detail.
d. As a nurse leader, how would you promote and implement your ideas? Include the resources that would be needed to implement the change. Describe intervention. Include: Program Plan, Goals and Objectives, Program Implementation, Resources Needed, Obstacles and Remedies.
Provide your answers to the questions through a presentation using an audiovisual platform.
*Please answer ALL the questions approriately.
*Include an introduction and a conclusion.

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