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Final Public Humanities Project HUM 175

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Final Public Humanities Project HUM 175, Fall 2015 *Public Humanities Project What does “Nature” look like in your major, future career aspiration, graduate study plan, personal life, or community engagement work? Throughout the second half of the semester you will be working on a project that addresses a particular aspect of the Environmental Humanities found in your particular field or interest area . Projects may address any aspect of Southwest studies, but must address the core themes of the course. Instead of analyzing the public humanities, students will create a public humanities project. These projects may include, but are not limited to, a museum exhibit, public awareness event proposal, educational lesson plan for primary or secondary education, creative writing piece, photography project, artistic interpretation (using any medium), or traditional academic research paper. The choice of topics and mediums is completely up to you, however, there will be multiple process stages involved in this project, and students will be responsible keeping up with the process stages—no matter what type of project they chose. [Physical projects will require written descriptions and analyses.] You will also need to meet with your professor, one-on-one, to discuss your project idea in the semester. Written explorations: If you have chosen a wholly written exploration for your project, (research paper, philosophical essay, creative writing piece, etc.), please write 5-7 pages, typed, double spaced, 1 inch margins, MLA format . Also, be sure to include a works cited page for all outside research. Visual exploration: If you have chosen a visual exploration, you must include a 2-3 page explanation of your visual. This must include your 1) thesis, 2) an explanation of your supporting evidence (3-4 weekly readings/course material from the second half of the semester) and how they contextualize your project, 3) why you chose your medium and how it connects to your interests, and 4) a detailed description of the ways in which your visual illustrates your claims. The visual may come in many forms (as discussed above and in class), and if you have specific questions on specific ideas for projects, see Dr. Capaldo for advising. All projects are DUE on Tuesday, December 15 th @ 9:30am [9:35am class] and Thursday, December 17 th @10:00am [2:20pm class] (as outlined in the Final Exam Schedule). A hard copy of all written work, or physical version of all visual work,

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