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Explain Locke’s view of human nature

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Philosophy Essay
Explain Locke’s view of human nature. Use details from the textbook (Lewis Vaughn textbook) to support your description. Explain Hobbes’s view of human nature, again using details from the textbook to support your description. How do Locke’s view of human nature and Hobbes’ view differ? Which do you think is more accurate? Explain, and defend your answer, appealing to ideas from the text, examples from history, studies of psychology or other typical sources of evidence.
1-Essay Length tips–To answer these topics completely, it takes about 2 pages – 8-10 paragraphs. Use the topic questions and the scoring rubric to see if your draft responds fully to all parts of the question. A complete thoughtful answer is more important than word count.
2-Once you choose which question, you’d like to write about, write your essay and save it as a Word document.
3-Use your course texts to help you respond to the topic, and when you quote and summarize from the course texts, include information about the page reference.
4-You are discouraged from using additional sources. If you do choose to use an outside source, be sure to cite your source, just as you do when you use the course texts. If you use a quotation or an example from a website, cite the website’s URL and the date accessed.

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