Essay 1 topic on “Principles of Management, Part 1”

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Essay 1 topic on “Principles of Management, Part 1”
Dr Eunsuk Hong
Please complete the following essay question:
Critically discuss the theoretical perspectives and practical implications of Coase (1937)
in terms of its views on (i) the size of firms and (ii) the growth of firms.
Key requirements:
You should complete this task ONLY using and citing All the following EIGHT references
which are theories, concepts and cases covered by up to lecture 5 and tutorial 4 of this module:
(1) Coase, R. (1937) ‘The nature of the firm,’ Economica, 4(16): 386-405.
(2) Case study: Eni SpA
(3) Akerlof, G.A. (1970) ‘The market for “lemons”: qualitative uncertainty and the market
mechanism’, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 84 (3): 488-500.
(4) Tay, R. and Choi, J. (2016) ‘Factors associated with crashes involving taxi owners and
non-owners: A case of moral hazard and adverse selection?’ Accident Analysis and
Prevention, 87: 78-82.
(5) Eisenhardt, K.M. (1989) ‘Agency Theory: An Assessment and Review’, Academy of
Management Review, 14(1): 57-74.
(6) Gills, W.E., McEwan, E., Crook, T.R., and Michael, S.C. (2011) ‘Using Tournaments
to Reduce Agency Problems: The Case of Franchising’, Entrepreneurship Theory and
Practice, 35(3): 427-447.
(7) Grant, R. M. (2013), Contemporary Strategy Analysis: Text and Cases, 8th edition,
Wiley, Ch 11, pp. 296-313.
(8) Case study: American Apparel
Key points to remember
(1) Your essay should be submitted online via BLE (Moodle).
(2) Please see SFM Assessment Guidelines, available at BLE (Moodle) for information
about the regulations relating to coursework (submission, late submission, plagiarism
and word count).
(3) The deadline date and time for essay submission is on Monday 14 Nov 2022 at 11.59
(4) Word limit: 500 words excluding references (allow students 10% over/under the count
without penalty)
(5) Mitigating circumstances can be considered through the Mitigating Circumstances
Policy & Process for individual student deadline extensions or refunds for late
(6) Try to have a clear and logical structure to your answer. Do not be afraid to use sub headings to structure your essay.
(7) Your essay should acknowledge the source of all ideas and evidence with appropriate
references. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism. Please read “Recommendations for
Improving Practice and Avoiding Academic Misconduct” which is available in
Moodle section of the module.