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Effectiveness of pressure ulcer

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Tayyib, N. & Coyer, F. (2016). Effectiveness of pressure ulcer prevention strategies for adult patients in intensive care units: A systematic review. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 13(6), 432-444.
Systematic Reviews Instructions:
Using the systematic review you chose, identify the WHY, HOW, and WHAT. Chosen article in APA format:
1. WHAT topic or question did the systematic review address? Was the topic clearly defined?
2. HOW were potential individual research reports identified? WHATsearch methods were used to conduct the review?
3. WHAT determined if a study was included in the analysis (inclusion/exclusion criteria)? How many studies were included in the review? What research designs were used in the studies? Were the study characteristics and the findings of the studies displayed in a table or discussed in sufficient detail?
4. WHAT were the consistent and important across-studies conclusions? Was there truly an integration (i.e., a synthesis) of findings-not merely reporting of findings from each study? Did the reviewers explore why differences in findings might have occurred?
5. WHAT conclusions were supported by consistent findings from two or more studies?
6. HOW are the findings relevant for nurses and/or other healthcare providers?

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