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Discuss the importance of overcoming labels and stereotypes

November 30, 2022 0 Comments

Stereotypes Activity On your own, write down three adjectives that come to your mind for each of the groups listed below. In the last three rows of the table, add three new groups to which you may belong, or that you’ve heard of, and complete the same activity, adding three adjectives for each group. Then complete the questions that are provided below the table. Copy and paste the following table into a “New Post” to fill in the “Three Adjectives” column. CATEGORY THREE ADJECTIVES African American Men Managers Asians (Filipinos, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, you can choose specific group(s)) Men Californians Southerners New Yorkers Gays and Lesbians Teachers Latinos (you can choose specific group(s) Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, etc.) White Men African American Women White Women Jewish Americans American Indians Persons with Disabilities New Category: New Category: New Category: By FRIDAY: Post your adjective list: Was it easy or difficult to categorize? Why? (Discuss the words used in each category, which ones were easy or difficult and why it was difficult in approximately 500 words). Discuss the importance of overcoming labels and stereotypes.

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