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Describe the nursing meta-paradigm

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Can you plese follow the attached template. I have also attached the rubric and will copy it here
1. Introduction (1.5 point)
Include an introduction paragraph to the paper which ends with a thesis statement. The thesis statement should clearly tell the reader what your paper will discuss.
2. Attitude of Inquiry (3 points)
Describe the nursing meta-paradigm. How do the meta-paradigm elements connect to the elements/parts of PICO questions? (See Table 8.1 & Ch.8 in textbook). Provide support using at least one reference other than your textbook.
What is a phenomenon of interest (POI)?
Identify the POI that you are investigating.
Using the selected phenomenon of interest, write a PICO/PICo question (See Table 9.1 in your textbook).
Identify each element from your question: P (population), I (intervention), C (comparison), and O (outcome); or P (population), I (phenomenon of interest), Co (context).
3. Searching the Evidence (3 points)
Using your PICO/PICo (keywords and phrases), perform a literature search.
Describe the types of evidence (studies) you found and what you learned from performing the search (Ex: were their more types of one study than another, very limited research if you narrowed too much, too broad with your search terms, etc.).
Identify the key words and phrases from the PICO/PICo you created which were used to search the evidence.
Describe the tools, filters, and/or limits that were used to broaden/narrow your search (MeSH subject headings, Boolean operators, truncation- be specific).
Describe at least two (2) bibliographic databases that were used in the search (name, brief history, and what makes it unique).
4. Article Synopsis (3 points)
Provide at least two (2) examples of current (< 5 years) articles related to your PICO/PICo. These articles should not be the ones previously used in the first discussion. You should locate others to support the topic. For each article, describe/explain the type of research used (qualitative, quantitative, design) and support with reference(s). Provide a brief synopsis of each article Provide at least two (2) examples of recent (within the last five years) articles related to your PICO/PICo. These should not be the same articles that were used in the first discussion. You should find others to back up your point of view. Describe/explain the type of research used (qualitative, quantitative, design) for each article and back it up with references. Give a brief summary of each article.(minimum of 3-5 sentences) and cite appropriately. 5. Best Sources of Evidence (3 points) What are clinical practice guidelines and how are they used by the healthcare team? Search for a clinical practice guideline (CPG) related to your topic (see box 9.4 in your textbook, Keynotes, and video resource). Provide the following information on the guideline: Describe how and where you found the CPG. Describe the guideline and include the following information: organization, title, year, purpose, etc. (be sure to cite/reference appropriately). Describe how the CPG relates/applies to your PICO. 6. Conclusion (1.5 point) Summarize the findings. The conclusion should parallel the introduction. No new references or information should be provided in the conclusion. 7. Appendix (Topic Search Table) 2 points: Complete and insert a table with the following information as an appendix at the end of the paper. Must include the following: at least two (2) databases used, search terms (from your PICO/PICo), results (how many articles you found), any MeSH or Boolean operators used, filters and/or limits you used. The “new results” section should end up indicating a reasonable number of results that one could easily sift through. See example below.

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