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BIOL 1111 Evolution Case Study

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BIOL 1111 Evolution Case Study Description and Rubric
Evolution Case Study
Evolution is defined as the process of development and diversification in a population over a period of time. Many of the developments and much of the diversification that we can see within any given population of animals can be attributed to many hundreds or thousands of years and generations experienced while evolving into what we see on the planet today. Most of these developments and diversifications are noticeable benefits, however occasionally, these changes seem pointless. To facilitate your student learning objective for this assignment, form a group of no more (and no fewer) than two students and in a three to five page MLA-supported research paper, address the recorded evolutionary changes that have been delineated (or hypothesized) in any one given species of animal. These species may be prokaryotic or eukaryotic, unicellular or metazoic in nature. To support your work, you must include no fewer than five published research reference articles from peer-reviewed work (i.e., scientific journals), however, you can include as many articles, texts, or audio-visual publications as you like.
In your work, be sure to address the evolutionary changes that have occurred in your species and how these changes have contributed to the development and diversification of that species. Typically, in your research, you will find anecdotal ancestral documentation for a species as well as modern-day observations and recordings. Should your research lead you to traits or characteristics that do not have an apparent benefit to the development of your species, state why you think that your species may have developed these changes anyway.
To ensure that you are working on a unique species that has not been repeated multiple times in the class, consult with your instructor regarding your ideas before investing time in your work. This project should be started as early as possible to allow sufficient time to collect information and is worth one-hundred (100) points and fifteen percent (15%) of your total course grade. Points will be allocated according to the following rubric:

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