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An 85-year-old widow, living alone

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An 85-year-old widow, living alone, tripped over her beloved dog and broke her leg. Which action should the home-care nurse recommend regarding the dog? A) Find out the elders ideas B) Give the dog to a nearby family member C) Call the Humane Society D) Find the dog a good, loving home A talented, accomplished, and very active elder wanted to take up painting after retirement. A recent stroke compromised the elder’s short-term memory severely. Which community-based program should the nurse suggest to the elder and family first? A) Taking memory-enhancer classes at the senior center B) Swimming in the neighborhood pool C) Walking to a neighborhood church D) Taking painting classes at the senior center An elder patient missed an arthritis clinic appointment because the patient couldn’t afford the pain medication. After first meeting the patient’s immediate medication needs, which two steps should the nurse take in order to prevent a recurrence? Choose 2 answers A) Ask the drug company for help B) Investigate eligibility for the Medicaid program C) Recommend alternative therapies D) Enroll the elder in Medicare’s hospice care A vigorous recent widower visited his primary care team and stated that he was lonely. Which recommendation should the team make for this patient? A) Taking a sleeping pill B) Finding a new relationship C) Taking an antidepressant D) Moving in with his children What is the most important discussion of the interdisciplinary team at regularly scheduled meetings? A) Standardized testing results B) Risk reduction assessments C) Care access issues D) Compliance issu

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