Research Essay, Thesis & Dissertation Topics Sample Assignments:

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Select a work of art in any medium (painting, architecture, sculpture, or literature) from one of the following eras covered thus far in your Learning Resource: prehistoric, ancient Egyptian, or Mesopotamian, approximate dates 40,000 BCE-250 BCE. Click on the link provided to find suggested works from each culture. After making your selection, provide the following information in your initial post to identify your work: 1. Name of the artist (if known) 2. Name or title of the work of art you have selected 3. The style/movement or period of time and the date for your selected work of art. 4. The location and cultural origin of your selected work of art 5. Two ways in which your selected work of art illustrates or reveals the beliefs, values, or ideas significant to its culture (You may also want to refer back to the discussion of “Some Recurring Universal Themes” in Module One for assistance.) Please be sure your work you select has been created between 40,000 BCE- 250 BCE.

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