Research Essay, Thesis & Dissertation Topics Sample Assignments:

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Please read the attached article and answer all of the following three (3) questions in bullet format, giving examples and details for each question.! Congratulations! You were just hired by Stop& Shop Supermarket to increase their market share on Long Island to the millennial generation (aka Generation Y-those born 1982-2004). Since you know the supermarket industry is changing on Long Island with some chains either entering or leaving the area, as well as the growth of on-line home delivery services (Amazon Fresh, Fresh Direct, etc.), you need to find options which appeal to Millennials AND increase the store’s revenue at the same time. While researching, you discover an article from Chain Store Age entitled “Munchies on demand with 7-Eleven’s new college delivery service.” Since you are very familiar with the college market, you feel Tapingo is the correct company to assist your retailer in launching the next phase of their distribution and promotions channels. Create a SWOT analysis of Tapingo to relationship to reach the LI college market. (50 points) Which lines of products will you offer on Tapingo? Please remember these products may be delivered directly to the customer and/or picked up at the market by the customer. (25 points) Currently, the only Long Island college to sign up with Tapingo is SUNY Farmingdale. Explain how this will affect your business plan in the short, medium, and long terms. (25 points).

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