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OTA 108/109
Students will identify a programming need within fieldwork site. In response to need identified, develop a program proposal which includes the follow points:
• Identified need/s
• State the role of Occupational Therapy would play in addressing this need and within this setting
• Outline of proposed program to facilitate specific business aspects of OT Practice
• Proposal letter outlining proposed program including cost, benefits to participants, timeline, materials/handouts, and projected growth of program
Criteria for Proposal Letter:
5 points 3 points 1 point Total
Identify a Need Identify 5 or more needs appropriate for setting. Recommended population included. Possible identified risk addressed. Be creative. 3-4 needs identified. Target population not clearly identified. Less than 3 needs identified. Needs not relevant to setting.
Program Proposal
(facilitates specific business aspects of OT Practice Thorough, supporting research evident and benefits to participants clearly addressed. Proposal is relevant to OT role and cost-effective. Some or all information is vague regarding the benefits of participants, cost-effectiveness, role of the OT and the projected growth of program. Letter is lacking information regarding benefit of program to setting and participants, the cost effectiveness of program and role of OT.
Materials, Educational Material/Handout Creative materials including handouts relevant to occupations, based on identified needs. OT role and benefits of program identified. Limited materials and handouts Creative material and handouts lacks relevance to program. Not able to address benefit to participants.
Professionalism of letter Evidence of APA style/APA format with no grammar or typographical errors. Professionally written with minimal grammatical or typographical error Not clearly written, 3 or more grammatical errors.

Presentation of

Creative presentation explaining identified need, proposed program, and cost. Presentation is at least 5 min. Presentation explains the OT roles and identified needs. Lacking information in some areas. Presentation less than 5 min. but at least 3min. Lacking information in several areas of presentation. Presentation is less than 3 min.

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