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P4 – Review the impact responsible business practices of a specific business to determine if these meet the needs of its stakeholders

Your task is to create a written report that reviews the responsible business practice of Innocent Smoothies
Your task should be on Word and should in a formal style (headings, sub-headings, bold etc..)
Almost everything you need can be found on the Innocent website, the good times report or textbook pages 301-305
You will need to outline the responsible business practices and which department would control them.
Review the responsible business practices of Innocent Smoothies and review if they meet the needs of the stakeholders.
Business practices to consider:
• Employment indicators
• Human rights indicators
• Product responsibility
• Environmental indicators
• Feedback from stakeholders
• Research articles
• Media and press releases
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Production
• Sales
• Intellectual Property
• Employee needs
• Owner needs
• Customer needs
• Supplier needs
• Competitor needs
• Local Community needs
• Pressure group needs
You need to review all the business practices and outline which department it would relate to whilst reviewing if they meet the stakeholder needs.

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