Research Essay, Thesis & Dissertation Topics Sample Assignments:

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Week 5: Major Project
Religion and/or faith are sometimes used to challenge a law. This has
recently been seen with Christian-based organizations challenging
regulations that require them to provide certain contraceptive coverage in
their employer-based healthcare plans as part of the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act. Develop an APA research paper of a legal case related
to healthcare that has challenges based on religious and/or faith-based
objections. Give an overview of the case and address both the defendant
and plaintiff arguments. Use scripture to support the challenges made by the
religious and/or faith-based organizations. Remember that there are many
paradoxes within scripture. Cite a minimum of 12 scholarly journal articles,
of which at least 5 must address biblical and theological aspects (1500-2000
word range, excluding any graph, charts, or modeling).

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